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We are leading New York Prom limousine company and with variety of packages at very competitive pricing we are above limousine companies in New York. Our superior service will make you want to rent limousines from us over an over. We will fit any budget for groups starting at just couple students up to 26 prom goers. The New York limousine rates that we provide are all inclusive and allow prom students to make a quick decision about limousine rental in New York since the limousine cost can be easily split between students with no hassle. We offer the best, most complete and well prepared New York prom service possible for your special day.

We help you make it extraordinary by including fully stocked New York prom limo. Let us treat your party how you deserved to be treated and get you to the prom site on time and in style!

Have us pick you up when you return take you to the Best New York and New York clubs and for the final polish to the unforgettable time of Your life!

You can have more fun in a our exotic New York limousine – and we will be your designated driver!

New York Prom Limousine service provides advice for the prom students before booking the limousine for prom.
Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights on the teen calendar and a milestone in their lifes. Filled with great expectations and grand designs prom very often ends up being more of a let down than a high point if not planned carefully. How can you keep your prom night memories from becoming a night to forget ? We at Star City Limousine have some important prom saving tips for teens and prom-goers.

Go it alone, in a group or on a date in NY prom limousine ?

The most common reason people have bad prom experiences is due to the company they choose to keep on prom night. While the romance of prom may make it seem like a night for couples, this is not always the best scenario, nor does going as part of a group guarantee a good time unless individuals are carefully picked. Many proms were ruined because of the individuals were agressive or not complying to the rules while renting new york prom limo. Be smart about who you go with. Volatile relationships, quasi-friendships and dying romances have no place at prom or in the prom limousine in New York or prom limousine in New Jersey.

Stick to a budget or go in the large group to save on prom limousine cost .

Proms are expensive and there is no doubt about it. By the time you have paid for tickets, rented a tux or bought a dress, arranged for a dream NYC limousine for prom you are easily at the hundred dollar mark. Want to pull off a painless and money saving prom night in New York ? Try borrowing an outfit from an older friend or sibling, going in on a limo with a large group and renting Escalade Limousine or Hummer Jet Limousine. Prom doesn't have to be an investment of a lifetime in order to be fun and our payment plan to rent a limousine for prom will definitely make it easier !

Play it straight and ask questions before renting a limousine for prom in New York.

Peer pressure and pop culture have many teens believing that prom night and alcohol go hand-in-hand or the party will not be succesful. This is not reality and we encourage not to bring alcohol or drugs to our exotic limousines for prom in New York. Most proms are in fact "dry" proms and the best memories are made while sober and there is some truth to it. Afterall, who wants to spend prom night hanging over a toilet or slepping it off in a corner while everybody else have the night of their life's ? Want to guarantee the best prom memories possible? Play it smart and stay straight and rent a limousine from a reliable New York Prom Limousine and dont get stranded with the limousine without DOT permits or under insurred. Ask questions before booking, is the company registered with Department of Transportation ? Does it have $5M insurance coverage ?

Don't lose it in the romance or in the prom limousine.

It is very easy for both girls and guys to get caught up in the romantic whirlwind of prom and think that sex would be an amazing addition to the evening especially in NY prom limousine. This is just not realistic and corny. The pressure to have sex on prom night is great but nothing will ruin your prom memories faster than a hasty sexual encounter that is rushed and un-romantic. Prom night romance and sex are not a package deal - prom is more than a three letter word and is better to enjoy your night in one of the finest New York prom limo and have a drama free night.



*Rates are based on the 10 hour time frame
**Prices DO NOT include gratuities
***Prices are due to change on certain HOT dates


All packages allow up to 10 hours use of the vehicle, excluding tip. Travel time surcharges are waived if all service is within the five boroughs of New York City. If any portion of the service is outside the five boroughs, then travel time surcharges and toll charges may apply.

Reservation requirements: 30% Deposit to reserve the limo, 30% 2 weeks later and the remaining 40% is due 30 days prior to the prom date.